Textile Printing

  • Acrylate based thickening agent for pigment, reactive and disperse printing; Different thickeners are available for every requirement such as Surface printing, sharp outlines, low electrolyte sensitivity, and ecological properties.


  • Exclusively used for pigment printing to improve wash fastness, chemical cleaning fastness, and friction fastness. the choice of binder influences the handle and brilliance of the coloryield.

Rheology Modifiers

  • These have a positive effect on the surface and sharp printing behavior and also printing length.

Textile Dyeing & Finishing

  • Preventing Creasing: Water-soluble polymers are applied during wet processing to prevent creasing and reduce mechanical impact during the dyeing processes.
  • Levelling Agents: Prevent the dye bath in the textile, and prevent also color inequalities.
  • Color Enhancer: Gives better color yield and brightness in the pigment dyeing process.


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